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(..) mime speaks all languages, and humor is likewise universal. Polish mime Ireneusz Krosny draws more on the conventions of clowning than of abstract Marcel-Marceau-style white face mime, and his premises are rather generic-a conductor rehearses his orchestra, a dog owner adapts to his pet, a woman removes her finery at evening's end. What renders these vignettes fresh and funny are Krosny's Red Skeleton-like facial expressions and an elegant inventiveness that allows him to embellish yet keep the action free of extraneous material his entire 14 scene, three-encore show runs over an hour. A scene depicting a guest's reactions to a child's cello recital pulled the biggest laugh at the performance I attended, but action-movie fans like me will find the piece entitled "Arnolds arms himself" irresistible."

The Chicago Reader Award "The Critic's Choice" review by Mary Shen Barnidge

Ireneusz Krosny was born in Poland in 1968. Between 1982 and 1992 he worked with three amateur pantomime groups, one after another, of which "Scena Pantomimy KUL," created and conducted by himself, was the most important one. In 1992 he began the professional, solo activity under the name "One Mime Theatre". During the 1995/96 theatrical season, Ireneusz Krosny took part in three professional comedy festivals in Poland. He won all of them having been awarded three times the Grand Prix. It opened him the way to to mass media including TV, where he successfully realised a lot of his own programmes.

The following year, at the first performances of the new comic festival "Kataryniarze" he was again awarded the Grand Prix. That year was the beginning of his international career. He performed in all of Europe Europe, Northern America and Asia. In the U.S.A. he was awarded the Critic 's Choice of the prestige American artists' magazine the Chicago Reader. He was guest at the Chunchon International Mime Festival, the most important mime festival in Asia (South Korea) and other festivals, such as the
"Lachmesse”/ Germany, "Kaukliar” festival / Slovakia, Bodylanguage Festival / Sweden, "Fringe" / Great Britain, "Festival du Rire" w Montreux / Switzerland, "Meet in Beijing” / China, "Ingenio Comedy Festival” / Spain, "Stockholm Comedy Festival” / Sweden. .


Ireneusz Krosny is undoubtedly the most famous and recognizable comic mime in Poland. He is loved by his audience in Poland. By his art, the clarity and originality of form he has gained a large public all over the world. Ireneusz Krosny has created comic pantomime spectacles. The power of his miming comes from two sources;

the first is his extraordinary creativity. His etudes describe both the history and present day aspects of public and social life. In his scenes, he doesn't avoid the absurd or abstraction. Each etude is completed with a surprising point, sending a message.


the second source is Krosny 's own original style. He has created his own original technique of miming, transparent like the elocution of the actor, making each movement understandable, without attracting attention to the technique itself.


This gives the spectator the feeling that miming is an easy work. He doesn't use a

makeup. In particular he doesn 't whiten his face. Krosny always performs in a black, neutral costume. The Chicago Reader when awarding Krosny with its prize, described him with the words - "fresh, funny, irresistible."





Grand Prix

XVI Humor and Satire Meeting

Lidzbark 1995

Grand Prix


XII PAKA Cabaret Festival

Kraków 1996

Grand Prix

II Mazury Cabaret Summer  "Mulatka"

Ełk 1996

Cabaret Revelation of the Year

Festival "Kataryniarze"

Gdańsk 1998


The Critic's Choice


The Chicago Reader

Chicago 1998 / USA

Andrzej 2000

Andrzeja Waligórski Award of the "Elita" cabaret


Total Theatre Award

Nomination  /  FRINGE Festival

Edinburgh 2008 / GB

Golden Rose of Montreux

Best international act

Montreux 2008 / CH